cubeSavvy Utilities – updated MDX capabilities

As promised when I introduced cubeSavvy Utilities, expanding the MDX Query functionality to handle PROPERTIES and PROPERTY_EXPR was my next task.

I’m happy to say that version 1.1, now available for download, incorporates this feature.



This version can also handle an empty Columns axis:



Or an empty Rows axis:



As you can see above, this gives you the ability to specify whatever you want in a Column or Row – and even by Dimension. Below is the MDX query from the empty Columns axis screenshot above. Note how I specify [Pkg Type] for the Product dimension property, but [ChineseNames] for Year.

SELECT {} on axis(0),
{crossjoin([100].children,{[Jan],[Feb],[Mar]})} PROPERTIES [Product].[Pkg Type], [Year].[ChineseNames] on axis(1)
FROM Sample_U.Basic

This flexibility gives you the power to control exactly what you want to see in the rows and columns. Therefore, I removed the 3 “Display Alias” checkboxes that were in the first version. Now you can let your MDX query do the talking. I love MDX and XMLA!

Happy querying!

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2 comments on “cubeSavvy Utilities – updated MDX capabilities
  1. Tim Faitsch says:

    Hi Harry,

    Will this utility run in command line mode? I think this might be useful for batch processing.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Tim,

    Yes, it does have a batch mode. You specify the MDX query in the cubeSavvyUtilities.conf file. This file also contains the username and password (which is encrypted after the first run). Once you’ve populated the Essbase variables in the conf file, you can script cubeSavvyUtilities to run the MDX query like so:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java -jar cubeSavvyUtilities.jar mdx

    Just let me know if you have any questions.


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