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Google Sheets Add-on ZoomIn functionality

I told you I just can’t stop adding functionality to my Google Sheets Essbase add-on. Now you can ZoomIn to a member’s children both in rows and columns. I’ve also added indentation to the member names to reflect their level.

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Google Sheets Essbase add-on

I just can’t seem to abandon the idea of developing a Google Sheets Essbase add-on. Maybe I’m a little ahead of my time, or maybe I’ve got some of this guy in me. I don’t know. What I do know is that

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Pulling Essbase data into Google Sheets

I created a thread on network54 to gauge the interest in a Google Sheets Essbase add-in. I developed a sidebar that can run an MDX query against an Essbase database and return the data to a Google Sheet. The following video demonstrates

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